Deeper Dating

Upcoming Course • Spring 2022


Katie Silcox

Founder & Executive Director of The Shakti School

Cristal Mortensen

Trauma and Nervous System Specialist & Somatic Neuroplasticity Expert

How to make relationships a part of our path to self-healing and awakening

  • This course is not necessarily about "finding the perfect partner." It's about knowing yourself, healing and awakening through the process of dating.
  • Make dating part of your path of self awareness, healing and awakening. 
  • Dating from a nervous system & energetics-informed perspective.
  • Learn tools that can translate into any area of your life and any relationship - this is about YOU.  
  • We'll use neurobiology, nervous system and attachment theory to build CLARITY for dating.
  • Learn how to stay grounded and in your truest self in relationship.

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