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This is a unique program led by New York Times celebrated author of Healthy, Happy, Sexy: Ayurvedic Wisdom for Modern Women, and Tantra Yoga expert, Katie Silcox.

Shakti Ayurveda School’s level 1 training is a 300-hour yearlong deep dive into Katie’s signature Divine Feminine Ayurveda teachings, and weaves in our faculty’s varied backgrounds in functional medicine, psychology, neuroscience and more.

This course is for heart centered souls who want to expand their understanding of healing, women’s wisdom traditions and holistic medicine.

It’s based on the idea that it’s possible to experience abundant health, passion and vitality at any age, and eliminate the divide between spiritual and worldly fulfillment.

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If interested in the Ayurveda training, our free 4-hour course on Women’s Wisdom & Ayurveda is a great place to start:

What is Divine Feminine Ayurveda?

“Women have always been healers. Cultural myths from around the world describe a time when only women knew the secrets of life and death, and therefore they alone could practice the magical art of healing.”

Jeanne Achterberg, Woman as Healer

What Our Students Are Saying

“The connection to my own body has now increased to the level that I am deeply aware of all the subtle changes that happen. Through this awareness, I am able to attend to my health needs on regular basis. My menstrual cycle has optimized, my regular headaches are gone and I know how to take care of myself through a holistic approach until the end of my life! I have already been recommending Shakti School to any woman in my life who seeks a deep connection to herself. I deeply recommend Shakti School because this is a life-changing experience, not only through teachings, but especially because of the community!”

Maja Michalewska
Sustainability Specialist and Transformational Coach,
Copenhagen, Denmark

“I have felt more connected to my own body than ever and to the shifts and changes in nature and how they effect me since completing this course. I now have the ability to slow down and pay attention to and listen to the signs my own body is sending me. I loved the variety of teachers and topics in this course. I felt that the instructors were so knowledgeable and offered different perspectives and teaching styles. Even if you are unsure of where this certification will take you, it provides life skills for your own personal growth and development.”

Jennifer Jettner
Co-owner of Sacred Moon School of Yoga and Yoga Guide, Michigan

“Since Ayurveda School, I have noticed a tremendous change for myself and my husband by incorporating daily Ayurvedic routines, herbs, teas, and a new food plan. The course offers direct application to everyday life. I learned things that should have been taught in grade school and up through high school and college. I would recommend the training to anyone who is interested in staying healthy and out of the struggling US Healthcare system. It is a great DIY to optimal health.”

Cindi Acree Hamann
Nurse Coach focused on increasing the health and wellbeing of the public,
Cincinnati, Ohio

“Since Ayurveda School, I am now more in tune with my body, my cycles, and I know how to choose what is best for me. I know how to take pause and listen to myself, how to set up a daily and seasonal routine that works for me, and most of all, practices to nurture and love myself more deeply. The depth of the teachings, live sessions, the changing teachers, and the community were the best part. This program is deeply transformational – it is life school indeed.”

Natalie Catán
Ayurveda Health and Wellness Coach & Kundalini Yoga Instructor,
Mexico City

“Shakti Ayurveda School is structured in a way that gave me permission to learn with grace. It took off the “pressure” of being the perfect student and allowed space to learn in a way that integrates itself into your being. This approach really encapsulated all of our senses and acknowledged our humanness, so that we could have a safe foundation to take in the wisdom and practices being so beautifully taught. This training provides tangible knowledge that you can apply to support your own health and wellbeing, while giving you the tools to take what you learn and offer it to others as a coach. My life has shifted from a place of fear and lack, to a life guided by immense gratitude and connection to my Divine self. I am more attuned to my mind, body and spirit and how to honor who I am (and my health) as an individual. I have developed beautiful friendships with other Shakti students and I have felt my heart crack wide open to the deep rooted knowledge of Ayurveda. I am grateful to have had this experience in learning through Divine Feminine and acknowledgment of duality. I believe in myself again…. what a beautiful gift that is.”

Meagan Maxwell
Ayurveda Wellness Coach, Nevada

“Not only do I have a new state of love and awareness in my life since Ayurveda School, but my friends and loved ones are intrigued at how I show up in the world now. They look to me for guidance because I am living breathing proof that Ayurveda and Shakti School can radically shift your existence. Every instructor throughout this course has been a staple experience of Shakti School. Each woman has a vast amount of experience and knowledge. At some point throughout the program you will have your heart melt from a lecture (or many) from the different women teaching this ancient wisdom. It builds on a beautiful community of women, heart and knowledge. Katie has found her calling and perfected a program to help other woman do the same. I have built friendships with other Shakti sisters, expanded my learning through each of the instructors, came to truly understanding myself and my constitution. I am discovering more and more about Mama Earth, herbs, the moon and this gorgeous experience. I could go on and on. There is a pain in my heart knowing that the year has come to an end, but a joy knowing that I took the chance on this program and myself.”

Kristina Rose MacPhee
Horticulturist, Canada

“I would recommend Ayurveda School because it is a thorough in depth introduction to Ayurveda with good value and is thoroughly practical for application for myself and others. It is a great addition to yoga and meditation teaching. All lectures were poignant, interesting and useful and the practices were relevant and helpful. Since doing Ayurveda School, I am a lot more aware of what is going on in my body and mind.”

Stefanie Ratledge
Yoga, meditation, and qigong teacher, England, UK

“I was hesitant about the time commitment. As a mother of 3, I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out for me. I am glad I followed my intuition to allow it to flow because I was able to build wonderful connections with like-minded Shakti sisters, as well as grow spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally throughout this past year. Since Ayurveda School, I am more present, more mindful, more attuned/aware of my body and it’s functions. I have more appreciation for the holistic lifestyle that Ayurveda brings. There is so much golden wisdom in the teaching/learning that I feel this is a must for everyone. I wish I would have learned about this earlier in my life!”

Mariana Peralta
Holistic Therapist, New Jersey

“Since doing Ayurveda School, I have become aware of imbalances with myself and my clients, have a broader perspective on solving imbalances, and am more careful with nutrition and sleep. I loved the different teachers, different teaching styles, the own pace learning was possible, and there were lots of input + knowledge. This training gave an amazing overview on the coaching perspective of Ayurveda and how lifestyle changes can be thoroughly advised and implemented.”

Nathalie Bonk
Coach and Yoga Teacher, Germany

“I have attended many different pieces of training in my life, but nothing as deep and meaningful as this. If you are wanting to tap into your inner power, Shakti School will bring that inner goddess out of you. Katie’s classes were filled with so much good energy! Every class was exciting. Ayurveda Wednesday was a sacred time and I felt excited to connect with everyone on the lives. Since Ayurveda school, I feel more connected, more aware, more balanced and less helpless. I know that I can take control of my health and wellness, and correct imbalances because now I am better tuned into my body.”

Stephanie Peers
Mamma, Divine Feminine Activist, Ayurvedic Wellness Coach and Kundalini
Yoga Instructor, Ontario, Canada

“This year has been an experience I could have never imagined, I’ve learned to heal myself first and with this, how to be a companion in the healing journey of women that cross paths with me. Shakti school has given me an amazing gift, one of connection with the most sacred part inside of me and of empathy with mother earth and all that inhabits her. With the company of amazing teachers and other students that have now become my Shakti sisters, I’ve learned how to walk this sacred path of what it means to be a woman. I look back at January when I first started and smile, for it has been a pleasure. I can certainly say this school marks the beginning of a life journey I am very excited to walk on. I am completely in love with Shakti School, I would recommend it because it would make me so happy to have other woman walk this journey of self discovery.”

Daniela Rangel
Operations manager and sound healer, Mexico

“Since Ayurveda School, I’ve noticed that I’ve been more aware of my limitations and have become more comfortable sitting with my experiences. The tantric teachings and meditations were my favorite! I’d love to do a whole course with just those!”

Sarah Schmirl
Avid Traveler, Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Storyteller,
Richmond, VA

“So much has changed since Ayurveda School! I feel empowered, in control of my life, even in difficult situations. I love the fact that this program was taught by woman for woman. I am truly grateful to have been able to attend this program and can’t wait to start Level Two! Thank you kindly to all the wonderful teachers and all the beautiful souls that attended the course with me.”

Valerie King
Flight attendant and yoga teacher,
Vancouver, Canada

“When I began Ayurveda school, I was exhausted. I had many tools, but I wasn’t employing them. Ayurveda school gave me the space for that to be okay and the encouragement to make the change. As a result I am wiser, more confident, and have a deeper understanding of what real transformation looks like. This is a wonderful container for learning the basics of ayurveda AND more importantly for learning or refining how you relate to and care for yourself.”

Kandice Shaw
Trauma Informed 500RYT and Reiki Practitioner, US

“Being able to become an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach is truly only the plus, I’d say the biggest takeaway was understanding who I am and my tendencies to bring healing and balance to myself. Since Ayurveda School, I’ve been cooking with more spices and with intention. In this way, I feel more connected to my food than I ever had. Health wise, my digestion has become tame and I’ve become more grounded! With all that modern life demands, I had lost the connection with myself or at least the connection needed redefining and I have Shakti School to thank for helping me mend and feel this new connection with Self.”

Ashley Tackett
Creator of EbbFlowGrow and Reiki Practitioner, Nevada

“It’s hard to compare my life & health prior to Ayurveda. I’ve studied & worked in spirituality & well-being for 10+ years. I am not the same woman, mother, lover or business woman. This course has supported me in EVERY area of my life. I love Katie’s incredible humility, wisdom, compassion, intelligence AND juice! AND the amazing guest teachers. I have done SO many trainings/qualifications/retreats/workshops in relation to healing, health, somatic movement, coaching, meditation, yoga, leadership, business development, channeling, manifesting (etc. etc.) and this is ~ BY FAR ~ the best course I have ever done. If your heart is whispering to you, honour her call ~ she is guiding You!”

Greer Ashley
Heart Medicine Woman & ‘Whole’istic Health Coach,
TAS, Australia

“I think this is a fantastic program for people to dive deeper into themselves when they are ready to take that journey. It is extremely user friendly so for anyone working or who is a mom, this program is perfectly suited for them to complete! It has inspired me to make lot of changes in my life and changes that are leading me closer to myself. If someone else is feeling called to take this journey, Shakti school is it! Since doing Ayurveda School, I feel like I have been way more intuitive with the foods I am eating and HOW they are working in my body. I am now focusing more on eating foods that I NEED rather than what I WANT. I developed a beautiful morning/evening routine, which I fall out of from time to time, but I now know how to jump back in. I feel more in touch with my beautiful feminine form and expressing her in ways of yoga, dance, communication, etc. I am SO grateful for this program for bringing so much light into my world.”

Erin Jaeger
Health Coach, Colorado

“This was the best training I’ve ever done. Ayurveda was explained in a very accessible and fun way. So much great support in how to apply ancient wisdom to our modern world. In the very first lecture, Katie said “magic will happen in this school,”….and magic is what I felt. Since Shakti School, I have experienced a deeper connection to nature, more rhythm, less guilt about self care, calmer and more relaxed about life, more likely to do the things that bring me joy and pleasure, more connected to my moon cycle and sensuality, deeper understanding of what feminine form means, and how I can apply that idea to my life. I loved the variety of teachers, it was very structured and organized, we were able to ask questions in real time, and offices hours and the manual were super helpful.”

Shannon Sabol
Creator of Grateful Life Health Coaching + Yoga, Cleveland, Ohio

“Ayurveda is totally life-changing and this program allows for accountability and structure to be implemented beautifully into your lifestyle. This is wisdom for the soul. I have been 200% more intentional about connecting with myself, foods, nature & others in relationships since Ayurveda School.”

Shana Criscitiello
Creator of Shana’s Sanctuary, Oregon

“I loved Katie’s lectures! They are electric and so damn inspiring. My heart and fire feels bigger afterwards. Her words just seem to resonate so deeply it’s uncanny. I also loved Laurel’s office hours to get more intimate talks going and to speak more. Since Shakti School, I’ve been able to identify different states in my body and realize that they might not actually be me or my personality, but just dosha’s unbalanced. This was huge for me. This is the first winter where I’m seeing with Ayurvedic eyes how my anxiety is fueled by the season! I haven’t yet turned the corner to pacify vata but I at least have concepts to explore that are known to help! I would recommend the training to anyone who wants a deep dive into a new side of health and wellness, and to anyone looking to come back to themselves.”

Natalie Gaetani
Integrative Wellness Coach, US

“Since Shakti School, I have noticed PROFOUND healing. Complete shift in my relationship with the world. A home-coming to the value of the Feminine that has always been within me. A valuing of myself. A deeper honoring of others. A sacred relationship with all of life. I specifically love the energetic and nervous system practices in the program, soaking up all the knowledge, that I had the time to process and revisit it all, the marriage of the focus on embodiment and the practical implementation techniques. Your life will be changed, whether you use the certification actively or not.”

Samantha Boersma
Feminine Form Herbalist and Flower Reader,
North Carolina

“I don’t think there are even words that I can put on how different I feel since Shakti School. There is a congruence within me that feels like the beginning of a seed growing. An acceptance & compassion towards myself, like nothing I have ever experienced before. While I know there is room for improvement in certain areas, I’m happy to take my time and only do what I am able for, and I’m not giving myself a hard time for it. I can look at the things that trigger me in a new way, and I have fallen in love with my menstrual cycle. I don’t have the urge for gossiping in the same way & I’m giving less to relationships that don’t fulfill may in the same way. I would recommend this training because it really does have the ability to change your life.”

Sharon Roche
Owner of Apricity Wellbeing Iintiative,
Co. Kerry, Ireland

“Since doing Ayurveda School, I’ve noticed myself being more connected to my true essence. I listen to my body, I consciously use my senses to have more simple pleasures in life. I am more grounded, I happily set healthy boundaries, I am more trusting in myself. I value myself more than ever before and it’s only growing. I also loved that there were many different teachers. It felt really nice to learn from different women and their many different perspective. It helped me connect the dots of knowledge and turn it into wisdom. I would recommend this training because it’s the real deal. The answering of this deep call forces to look so deeply within yourself, finding overflowing love and compassion that the world so desperately needs.”

Dominique Davis
Student, New York

“I’ve always been drawn to Ayurveda but was held back because I thought I’d need to know a lot more Sanskrit, which I have since learned that is not true. My age has also held me back, thinking I’m too old to embark on anything new. Since starting Shakti School, I have become so much more aware of myself, my environment, and my food. I am more mindful of what I eat and what I put on my skin. I love the container Shakti School provides, it really does give one a feeling of safety. I love that there is no judgement, everyone is accepted unconditionally and this is felt even in the online platform. Acceptance of all is unspoken but practiced and felt in all aspects of the program. I would recommend it to any female to learn about their unique body and to connect back to themselves to let love, sensuality and everything else flow freely within.”

Anne Marie Schutte
The Lovepreneur: Coaching and Healing,
Qatar and South Africa

“Things will change when you do this training, your thoughts will change, your heart will change, your body will change. It is not only a chance to be able to learn and share these teachings with other people but an absolute depth in discovery of the self. When I first started this training I felt like I was in a really good place in my life and now feel more humble, powerful, juicy, loving and resilient than I thought I ever would. Through this process, I have learned these teachings are more valuable than any penny and will extend from my body and my mind to generations underneath me. I could not recommend this more to every woman and every man to understand and break down the walls of what we believe our health to be.”

Malia Wright
Ayurvedic Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher,
Los Angeles, CA

“I have finally stepped more fully into my feminine. I have led a very masculine dominated life, and never truly felt my femininity from the heart. I have been working on myself for years now, and Shakti School was the delicious icing on the cake, bringing together everything I have learned and so much more magic to boot. Shakti School gives you the sense of being welcomed unconditionally. The teachers and all staff are just out of this world. If I won the lottery right now, I would gift this experience to women all over the world. Truly life-changing for so many and this is the medicine our planet needs to thrive once more. We all need this safe container in which to flourish and step into our true selves.”

Vicky Tyler-O’Connor
Yoga Teacher & Wellness Coach, United Kingdom

“I feel that this course has beautifully tied in my other interests and knowledge base. It only makes me want to dive deeper in continuing to not only integrate Ayurvedic practices but also create a community. The fire only continues to grow in my belly. The virtual classes made things work for with my schedule. I was working a full time job in education as an administrator during the pandemic. It was difficult to manage, but with the time frame and the people involved in our education, once I had the chance to tune in, I was engaged. These classes are foundational to this changing world. I wish that I would have been able to have my friends and family listen in with me as I was going through these classes because it makes life richer for everybody. What could dramatically and beautifully change in the world if this was more available? I am incredibly fortunate to have found Shakti School to deepen my love for myself and this profound ancient practices that have continued to evolve with the people who carry on this oral tradition.”

Sara Gutierrez
Movement Specialist and Health Coach,
Los Angeles, CA

“I have become more confident, embodied and empowered in my sense of self since Ayurveda School. I have deep felt understanding of my unique experience as well as the experience of those that I interact with. I loved that there was a range of different teachers that were all so uniquely different. I definitely felt like I resonated and learned more from some more so than others but I pay that to each of us having such unique ways of learning and receiving information. I feel like Shakti School definitely allows everyone to learn in their own unique way by offering different teachers and teaching styles. I would recommend this training to anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of their personal health experience and looking to empower themselves with simple practices, rituals and wisdom to heal themself. This training really invited me to soften into my intuition and my own body based wisdom. It allowed me to keep the structure within my life, but know that structure exists so that I can be soft, feminine and receptive.”

Paige Taylah
Yoga Teacher, Melbourne, Australia

“The moment I came across Shakti School I knew it was something I had to do. Since Ayurveda School, I am more aware of what is going on in my body, mind, and spirit. I came to the realization that I want to work with pregnant women to help them navigate their postpartum journey. I like the way classes were structured and I love that the school is centered around women’s health. Life changing!”

Margaret Lajara-Ruiz
Owner of Journey with Maggie,
United States

“At first, I hesitated about the monetary investment. However, I knew in my bones that money is never a good reason to not do something. Since beginning with the Shakti school, I have learned to follow my own intuition and trust that everyone’s healing journey is divine & unique to themselves. I love how much content is shared in Ayurveda School. At first it can feel overwhelming, however, I saved the extra reads and other resources for later, and intend to review the course a second time this year – while integrating the other resources I didn’t have room to digest the first time! You receive so much love in the form of guidance, sisterhood, practice of devotion, & if you want to dive deeply into the emotional, spiritual and esoteric realms of life & healing – then this course is for you!”

Brittany Askelin
Owner of Conscious Creations Community,

“Since doing Ayurveda School, I trust my gut- my intuition. I have more power behind my “yes” and my “no”. I also pay more attention to the little details of life & have found myself making lifestyle & health adjustments instinctively to balance my dosha. Katie has a way of giving grace to the material; she allows you to let go of the rules that can be overwhelming and instead guides you to use intuition & what works for your body and life.”

Madelyn Vidmar
Adventure Consultant & Yogini,
West Virginia

“I have expanded my understanding of self-care beyond my comprehension three years ago. Not only that, but I have gained the knowledge of tradition, ritual, innate wisdom, science, language, philosophy, confidence and community. I am wholly better for it; and now my community will be too. I loved the space-holding: weekly sessions I poured myself into, curriculum with accountability, and connecting in sisterhood. I also agree with the sentiment that Katie shares: Year 1 should be a requirement for all individuals who feel connected to the feminine physicality and energy.”

Laurie Riley
Ayurveda provider + birth worker, Denver, CO

“I am much more in touch with myself and know better how to identify my own needs and address them using practical tools that were taught during the course. I also feel much more empowered and confident. My new daily Ayurveda practices have proven to be extremely useful to keep me grounded, calm, and happy. I now seem to know when and how to keep myself in a peaceful and harmonious state (most of the time :)) I would absolutely recommend Shakti School for any woman seeking a greater connection to her femininity, her true self, and her own power. The course is well designed and taught by very passionate and competent teachers. The Ayurvedic practices and meditations we learn are life changing and create a safe haven to go back to when life gets too chaotic, or stressful. And last, but not least, just being surrounded by a group of like-minded women, in a completely non-judgmental space, gives you a sense of belonging and safety.”

Laurence Jansen
Interior Designer & Yoga Teacher, United States

“How do I explain that my whole being has shifted? We learned of the physical Ayurvedic practices and principles of course, but the biggest changes were deeper than the physical. Throughout my time in Shakti School I learned how to be my own friend, sister and mother. I have a new much kinder approach to my wellness and a deeper awareness for my emotional and subconscious body. Shakti School was life changing. The guidance into self is incredible and so necessary in a world with so much external noise.”

Kara Liebrock
Founder of The WholeSum3,

“Since the start of Shakti School, hundreds of things have changed, incrementally and over-time. These changes have deepened the way I interact with the world, widened my lens of compassion for everyone living in the modern world, and softened the relationship I have with myself. My health is by no means perfect, but Shakti School has helped me release the need for perfection and given me tools to widen the window to what is sacred inside me, exactly as I am. I loved the module breakdown of materials, venturing deeply into a topic through the lens of different teachers each and every month was so helpful for seeing this information from lots of different perspectives and understandings. My favorite modules were skincare & herbalism, unraveling the female sexual experience and what pleasure can mean, rediscovering the magic inherent in the female body, and postpartum care. Even if you have no interest in becoming an Ayurvedic Coach or Counselor, this program has given me so many practical and pleasure-centered tools to reach for in times of transition and change (which is all the time in our lives as humans) and I know I will be using the wisdom I gained in the Shakti School everyday for the rest of my life.”

Jenny Newell
Ayurvedic Counselor,
Los Angeles, California

“I have a deeper relationship with my body, with plants, with my breath, and with the world around me. I have gained an understanding of what feminine form means – embodying the beautiful rhythms that it allows instead of being so restrictive with self-imposed rules. My health is still the same but now I have so many tools to nurture and nourish it in a cyclical way of understanding. This training imparts experiential wisdom through a lens that honors both the ancient and modern. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll try things you’ve never tried before. You’ll remember that which you’ve always known. You’ll heal…and in that healing- you’ll become equipped and empowered to share that authentic gift with others. This time in Shakti School has been a sacred virtual space for me through many life happenings over the past two years. From experiencing a second miscarriage and having the FB group supporting me through it to having the incredible opportunity to write an article for LoveFit this past June – what an honor!! ….and so much more. Thank you for everything.”

Jaclyn DeConti
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Guide,
North Carolina

“After Ayurveda School, now I understand why when certain things in my body are happening I crave “things”. For example sometimes its food, places, or activities. I feel I have a better understanding of the healthy alternatives. As well, as when the cravings will exacerbate the an imbalance. I’d absolutely recommend Level 1 Ayurveda! So much variety.”

Crystal Marshall
Yoga teacher, Reiki Master,
Alberta, Canada

“I have been studying Ayurveda for years, but feel like I finally found the program that was made for me within Shakti School. Katie’s approach to Ayurvedic medicine (and healing in general) feels radical and revolutionary, yet simultaneously known and familiar, like coming home to an old and powerful friend. This program covers the basic foundations of Ayurveda in a clear and concise way that is accessible and fun. But it is also so much bigger than Ayurveda. It taps into the essence of healing itself, and our connection to the universal laws of nature that exist outside of any one path or tradition. This course goes way beyond any other that I have come across by asking us to dive deep into our own experience, our own bodies, our own wisdom, and our own power.”

Seren Rubens
Nevada City, California

“Joining Ayurveda School is the absolute best decision for any woman wanting to light her spirit on fire and get healthy at the same time.”

Mary McQuate
Chef and Content Creator, Richmond, Virginia

“What I liked most about the program was the variety of different teachers, all bringing their own expertise and enthusiasm for Ayurveda. I would recommend the program for anyone interested in self development, spirituality, and health.”

Babette Weel-Engelgeer
Outdoor Stress and Burn-out Coach at Walk ‘n Act, Netherlands

“Me siento lo más completa y saludable que he estado en mucho tiempo y siendo mi propia guía en el camino. Con sólo tomar el primer nivel eres capaz de hacerte cargo de ti y de acompañar a tu familia y comunidad a tomar mejores decisiones para lo que quieren lograr en sus vidas. Shakti te muestra todas las caras posibles para poder dirigirte al balance de tu Ser. Lo recomiendo ampliamente, hay muchísima información valiosa, docentes de primer nivel y el programa en verdad tiene la herramientas necesarias para llevarte a tomar las riendas de tu vida y comenzar a caminar hacia un lugar más completo, amoroso y saludable.”

Elizabeth Shunashi
Transpersonal Therapist, Mexico City, Mexico

“First and foremost, Katie has a great personality; she is able to convey the deepest and most complex knowledge with a sense of simplicity and a good dose of humor. Her team of teachers is amazing, each of them very different but experts in their domains. Of course, we learn of lot and we practice most of it, which is great. I like that it stays practical and applicable to real modern life. But most importantly, I think what I like the most in this training is the sense of sorority that we has developed: I feel part of a tribe of passionate women, from all ages and horizons, searching, learning, sharing and supporting each other. It is a great feeling, it has helped me unleash my feminine power and balance my very masculine tendency. I can see a real difference in my daily life: I am more peaceful, more joyful, more patient, more feminine overall.”

Valerie Noto
Telecom executive, yoga teacher, writer & avid student, La Jolla, CA

“Before I signed up for Ayurveda School, I knew something was missing. I was struggling to find something deeper than my yoga practice, to feel a deeper connection to my feminine heart, to find a healing routine, to understand the whys and hows of my hormones and to create a more loving relationship to food, nature and the pulsing of my own life force. I truly found all of these things over the past year and I have never felt better. I was especially happy to find a training where I had the freedom to be a part of the classes from my home, on my own time. It really fits my life and I can’t wait to get home every Wednesday night for Ayurveda lecture!”

Liz Reynolds
Movement Educator, Charlottesville, Virginia

“Where to begin…..this year has-been a year of self-discovery, surrendering, and self-renewal. Shakti School opened a window to my Spirit, mind, and body. A way to reprocess old patterns of living, thinking, praying, feeling, and eating. A school of innovative teachers, who give 100% of themselves during their time with-you. Shakti’s Ayurveda, feminine form medicine, program, can be comparable to three-years of education at a university. After three months of the first training, I already knew that I would sign up for year two. So, if you are looking for “TRUTH, HONEST, SELF-ACTUALIZATION or a TRIBE”, you have found the school. If you are looking to broaden, your healing modalities or to offer more to your clients then this is the school for you. Get ready for both a personal and professional LIFE-CHANGER.”

Stacey Nichols
Teacher, Clear Lake, Iowa

“Ayurveda came to me on sacred ground and I knew I had to dive in to Shakti School. It’s been so much more than I could have expected. I wanted to learn about the ancient practices, but have been fulfilled feeling part of a global community of women, connected by Dharma and lineage. Taking these classes on my own time has been invaluable. Studying with teachers across the world can only happen here. Ayurveda school will forever be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Jen Tucker
Artist & Entrepreneur, Seattle, WA

“My goal this past year was to bring in more feminine flow into my life. After going through Ayurveda school I cannot believe how much more in-touch I am with my feminine side. I’ve brought so much of what I’ve been learning to my clients to help them awaken the shakti within them. Body yantra, pelvic play, and surrendering have been my focus this past year. I feel confident to be myself once more.”

Andrea Claassen
Personal Trainer & Ayurvedic Coach, Saint Paul, MN

“I have always had a passion for health and wellness so when my sister showed me that Katie Silcox had an Ayurveda school it felt like it had been written just for me. I am now 10 months into studying and it was the best decision ever. Being a mum of three life can be very busy and stressful. I have learnt how to love and care for myself and be more in balance so that I am less stressed and calm and our life has definitely benefited. The whole household has now taken on Ayurveda and we eat better, sleep better and spend more time doing what we love. Katie is an incredibly inspiring teacher and her lectures are fun, current and informative. She has created an amazing line-up of teachers each month to add their skills and knowledge to the school too. Joining Ayurveda school was the best decision for me and I can’t wait to see what year two has in store for us. Emily xxx”

Emily Lindley
Full time mum, Menston, Ilkley, UK

“This past year with Shakti School has brought so much more into my life than I had hoped for. I joined the 300-hour Ayurveda training because I wanted to have a better grounding in ayurveda to bring to my offerings and trainings for my company, Om Fairy. Within the first month I gained so much clarity around the basics of ayurveda that I hadn’t in previous trainings. As the year went on, I found the answers to most of the health questions I’ve had over the past years that have went unanswered by traditional allopathic doctors, which has resulted in me feeling better than ever. From a business perspective, this course has inspired me to step fully into the mission of my business, to inspire trust in your own wisdom and intuition. Katie has created an unbelievable program that taps into best of all worlds. Multiple viewpoints from some of most influential teachers in the realm of yoga and ayurveda. The clarity this course has given me has helped fully blossom the offerings I had visions of coming into this school a year ago.”

Courtney Krishnamurthy
Owner, Om Fairy, San Jose, CA

“Level 2 of Ayurveda School allowed me to integrate the knowledge I gained from Level 1. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned in Level 1 while diving deeper into the vast ocean of Katie’s wisdom partnered with the amazing roster of experts in the field of all things Ayurveda I will admit my Ayurveda school has been my gift to myself. This program has allowed me to heal myself and soar in my life. It is certainly the best investment in myself that I have ever made!”

Kimberly Brewster (Pugh)
ERYT, Ayurveda Health Counselor, Owner Downeydog Yoga, Radford, VA

“Shakti School completely changed my life. I see things differently, I feel different, I want completely different things. A combination of the Ayurveda program and the yoga trainings completely transformed me.”

Gabrielle Merandi
Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Asheville, NC

“Shakti School’s Ayurveda program has been nothing shy of life changing for me. Before I started this course I was searching for a deeper and more meaningful aspect of yoga, self care, and life in general. This course has provided all of that and more. I feel nourished and supported by the teachings of Ayurveda, and within the container of the Shakti School community I feel seen, heard, and held in true feminine power. The teachings offered up are potent tools of self transformation, and the teachers transmitting this ancient wisdom are passionate, knowledgeable guides in this journey. This program IS the road less traveled, a journey back to your own heart, and an exploration of self that will bring you to your highest calling, whatever that may be.”

Jeanette Jordan
Myofascial Release Therapist, McMinnville, TN USA

“My life has completely changed since taking this course. To pin-point on a specific aspect would be literally impossible. However, my view of life and how to approach it’s challenges has completly changed. I have been provided tools to tap into the deepest parts of me that have been crying for attention and I wasn’t even aware. I am beginning to heal emotional and generational patterns that I have longed to heal. My relationships with those I love are becoming deeper as I am beginning to see that we are all holding a sense of trauma that is causing us to respond in different ways. I am being able to show up with more love and compassion in those situations. I loved that the program allowed for complete flexibility. Working full time, I was unable to attend any live classes. However, through the recordings I felt completely connected and was able to take the course at the pace that worked well with me. Especially during the more challenging modules that I felt I needed to work through and would often take up to a week to complete. I am forever grateful for the first week in which Katie spoke so deep to my heart in releasing me from the fear of “adding” something to my life in a negative way and helped me realize I could do it at my own pace, for that I will FOREVER be grateful for!”

Ashley Bastin
Entrepreneur, Mother of 1, and Behavioral Therapist, United States

“I’m more connected to my body, more present with Her. I deepened my connection to the divine and to my Feminine energy, which improved all relationships around me. I also feel more energized and ‘clearer’ in my body, mind and spirit. this course also confirmed that my path it coaching other women and doing it in the most holistic and feminine way. Thank you! The enjoyed the variety of themes (as a proper Sagittarius I’m curious about EVERYTHING) and the expertise of the different teachers. All amazing women! I appreciate the fact that we can always go back to the lessons and rewatch them and download lessons’ pdfs! so I would say the website platform in general is really functional. I also really like the fact that we can connect through the online forum.”

Charlotte Cecchi
Ayurvedic therapist and Holistic Coach, Italy

“I enjoyed the Nutrition section the most! It aligned so much with my interests and professional work, and gave me an incredible sense of the deep-soul food (knowledge) I was missing. Without a single doubt – this is the course I would recommend to all of my friends. Thank you for a beautiful experience!”

Chloe Rambo
Yoga Teacher, Digital Marketing Specialist, Idaho

“I loved the feminine approach to everything that we learned. In the past, I had studied Ayurveda and felt very boxed in by the rules. Through the Shakti School, I have learned to listen deeply to what my body needs while applying the healing principles of Ayurveda and feminine form medicine. I would absolutely recommend the training because it is very holistic and touches on so many elements of the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional. There is something for everyone. I think it led a lot of people to find their direction because we delved deep into so many new and different areas, that we could really see what resonated with our hearts and follow that passion. There is a lot of healing available through this training if you put the work in. I’m really grateful to Katie, Amaury, and all of the teachers at the Shakti School for sharing their wisdom with us. I leave the program with a greater sense of clarity in my purpose, feeling inspired and much more prepared to help others in this world in a way that feels very meaningful for me.”

Christine Finke
Doula, Amsterdam

“Discovering yoga many years ago helped me to connect all the puzzle pieces of my life. Ayurveda Shakti-School-style deepened and solidified everything I already knew spiritually, and the practical routines I learned have been invaluable. I feel I know myself, the way my body works and what it needs much better. I highly recommend Shakti School. It is a unique training that is deeply satisfying in so many ways, like a nutritious delicious dish. Each different teacher brings her own special way to cook, spice and serve Ayurvedic wisdom. It is well organized with the mixture of weekly lectures and bi-monthly office hours. One of the best parts of the training is the bond formed between all the students. I’m 59 and most other women are in their 20s and 30s, but I never felt any difference between us. Our souls beat to the same rhythm. The support and wisdom in this group is heartwarming. I’ve taken many trainings and this is not always the case. We are all in Shakti School because we care and to help make the world a better place, and it’s tangible. This training attracts seekers. The spiritual lessons are mind-blowing! I love it when Katie preaches! I love the mind/emotional work, the body Yantras, Mary T.’s power point lectures (she’s so thorough) and all the other teachers are fantastic. I need to watch all the lessons again. They are such a wealth of knowledge. Laurel is a gem in Office Hours, so nurturing and supportive! She explains so many things we didn’t understand during the lectures and makes it so relatable.”

Christine Griggs
Author, Yoga Trainer, Translator, France & USA

“I absolutely recommend this course! This course provides so much wisdom as well as space to dive into practices and integrate each aspect into your life in a way that feels right uniquely for you and your body. I am so much more aware of how i through myself out of balance and into stress. This course has provided me with the tools, awareness and confidence I needed to step unapologetically into my dharma and into my truth. I will never forget nor deviate far from the magic and wisdom that this course has poured into my heart and life. Katie is spirit animal and her raw, real, beauty will make you fall in love with all the wild, wonderous aspects of your own wonderful, witchy, woman self! Thank you with all of my heart for the blessing and experience of Shakti School.”

Delphi-Blue Haylock
Yoga & Dance Teacher and Healer Woman, United Kingdom

“In the last 12 months I had changes I didn’t had in the last 10 years! I’ll just say no more painful menstrual cramps, daily bowel movements, best skin ever and I have created my own business! This still feels crazy to me, I love it! The embodiment and experiencing part was my favorite, it already started with Katie saying: feel into your body, what doshas or elements of nature do you most feel in your body, is it wind, earth, fire or water? Completely another approach to what I knew about doshas and ayurveda up until that point. Just blew my mind! This should be implemented in every womens life, like real school is, we should all know and experience this embodied informations as soon as possible. Thank you from the bottom of my whole body for creating this programme, it absolutely changed my life in a completely unexpected way! I had no idea what was gonna happen, I just knew from the beginning it’s going to be so much fun and it’s going to be great! And so it was, and on top of that I got to create my own business and share my passion!”

Diana Damian
Peristeam Practitioner and student of life, Berlin, Germany

“This program has deepened my knowledge and connection to myself, my body, and nature in powerful ways. It has changed my life (personal and professional) forever. I have made friends who I know will be life long. I think that if everyone went through this training and expanded their world view through Ayurvedic knowledge, and specifically the feminine form taught in the Shakti School the world would be a much more joy-filled and peaceful place. I loved Katie’s live lectures. Coming together as a group live was very special and I was always so grateful to be there! Having her back was always a treat. Also, the diversity of teachers. I loved all of the different backgrounds and perspectives. Siva’s discussions around the emotional links were especially interesting to me too. I loved the variety of learning environments – live lectures, office hours (so so valuable!!), and Ayurveda buddies.”

Eva Peterson
Ayurvedic Life Coach, Nomad

“During the last year, as a yoga instructor, I intuitively started to add meditation and the importance of food to support the body to my clients. But I needed something else to support that and ‘came across’ the Shakti School. The universe gives us what we need when we need it, right!? The Shakti School gives us the tools to be our authentic selves and to go out into the world to share our medicine.”

Tracey Gibbons
Yogic Guide, Bermuda

“Women in general whole heartedly will benefit from this even if its just for personal insight, although I feel like the more you get into it through out the year you just eventually want to share it or do something with it to spread that knowledge and share with other women. Ahhh the empowerment, confidence, love, bliss, truth that Shakti School is rare to find these days in programs. I have a deeper self awareness on how to meet my needs and take radical responsibility and honesty for my life. I appreciated all the different teachers and their backgrounds. So unique and having variety just makes things so much juicier to understand and perceive!”

Jessica Bloomfield
Student of Life, United States

“To anyone considering joining this program here is your YES sign! Embarking on this journey to connect with Ayurveda and the ancient lineage not only helps you heal, but it also helps the earth heal. When respected, honored, and implemented correctly you have the power to unveil all blockages and message them out of your physical and emotional body. Not only will you become more comfortable, confident, and in love with the unique nature of YOU, but you will be able to help others do the same. I am more connected to my physical and emotional body’s wants and needs. My digestion has improved so much, that I no longer need to take supplements. I feel more comfortable and confident in who I am and how I show up in this world. THANK YOU.”

Katie Kimball
Ayurvedic Councilor / Elemental Alchemist, United States

“I appreciate Katie’s take on Ayurveda. I think incorporating our own personal lineage and life experiences into our Ayurvedic journey brings a whole new, fully embodied approach to this ancient wisdom of life-care. I used a lot of knowledge while trying to conceive and was then pregnant throughout most of Shakti School. I am very excited to start reintegrating more practices now in the postpartum period, and am excited to share with my daughter as she grows.”

Kristen Golden
Doula, Virginia, United States

“This program should be part of curriculum in all public schools as it isn’t just about Ayurveda, but a way back to oneself and unity of body, mind and soul. I’m more tuned into my physical and emotional body. I often ask for the guidance and learn to listen. I feel more in balance and better equipped for tools to pick myself up. I am forever grateful for being immersed in this soul warming experience with all the women, both teachers and students.”

Ieva Luse
Mama of 2& Earth lover, Copenhagen, Denmark

“I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is slightly interested. She will not be disappointment. It was better than I could have imagined – and I’m often overly optimistic 🙂 The teachings are exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear them. The curriculum truly promotes health in all areas – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. And the community of women was amazing. I feel like I have found my tribe. I am so much more aware of how I’m feeling at any given moment and feel empowered to make lifestyle choices that will help me feel better. I am also more in tune with how my emotions affect my physical health.”

Lisa Marie Rankin
Author, Teacher, Ayurveda Wellness Coach,

“my whole life has changed for the better. This program allowed to first deepen and understand how to simply identify the different emotions, and states of health or imbalance in my personal life. and then it gave me the real tools to help with what i had identified. that teachers where so inspiring and clear and gave me what to aspire to as a the practitioner i hope to become. loyal to the tradition, but modern and kind in the approach. I look forward to level 2, and actively recommend this program to anyone interested in learning about ayurveda in an in depth program. thank you, really from the bottom of my heart. this program changed my life for the positive and i feel so much more stable, more connected to the linage and excited about the future.”

Natania Frydman
yoga teacher, artist,

“The teachings are vital for women in our society at this moment in time! It’s like all the stuff we should have learned growing up. It is so important to learn how to process our feelings, thoughts, and emotions, and have a true connection to ourselves and the divine creative force! Katie and her expert team of healers, leaders, and teachers are top notch and translate the information and pass it along in such a way to keep you ignited and sparked and take your own healing in your own hands! THANK YOU! SAT NAM”

Rian Gufarotti
Self Care & Self Love Wellness Guide,
United States

“I would absolutely recommend this training. I truly wish this was an offering to all women, all girls as part of our upbringing and in schools. This is such a unique training. I feel really really blessed to have found Shakti School. I enjoyed the live classes in which the energy could be felt vs. only having an evergreen recorded program – the teachings related to our current time, current events and that was huge in 2020. The diverse mix of class experiences: philosophical learnings, hands on cooking, scientific hard skills, and engaging in practices. The follow-up time in office hours, The real-time practices of tantra and Sadhana. And I liked that the exam is open book! I learned a lot taking the exams because I had to dive deep into the texts.”

Sara Holt
Owner of A Naked Goddess and Health Coach at Sara Holt Health

“Although there is SO much to learn in Ayurveda, the fundamental basics of the science overlap to form a way of thinking and seeing instead of a memorization strategy. This allows such a strong foundation to build on the knowledge with true understanding. I also love the incorporation of the self, the subtle Ayurveda, the feminine form that calls on our teachers to have us move around/dance, meditate or ground ourselves before each class. The VP in me wants to go go go and doesn’t feel there is enough time in the day, so this was very healing to have built into the classes. It allows me to give myself permission to do this outside of my classes as well. Thank you for that grace. Even if I wasn’t planning on using this in my career (which I am), I would’ve still been so eternally grateful for the information I learned. I truly feel like I leveled up in life in such a huge way. I am not only able to be there for myself in a deeper way, but my community and family as well. It is stabilizing and enriching.”

Sarah Petals
Fermentation Director and Homesteader,
Georgia, USA

“I would and have highly recommended this training program to so many women who are looking to better themselves and to better the world. It’s amazing what we can do when we are self empowered through knowledge and experience. All things are possible. My faith has exponentially increased since the start of this course. I have always heard all things are possible, but now I truly now and believe it in my bones. This is the foundation for my dreams. I also have much more vitality, self awareness, and passion for life and sharing life/love.”

Terra Harris
Yoga Instructor and Wellness Enthusiast,

The Program

Level 1 – Ayurvedic Wellness Coach

The Ayurvedic Wellness Coach Certification Program is a year-long Tantra & Ayurveda health education platform. It’s the first level of Shakti School’s Ayurvedic training, but offers a holistic and standalone experience. Level 2 is the final level of the training.

It takes place 100% online and is easy to integrate into your life. Classes are held via live-streaming and they’re recorded. Every lecture will be available to watch and re-watch from our intuitive online classroom.

The Shakti School is a global community and a course that draws women from around the world. Our international reach is one of the things that makes the program so unique, diverse and fun!

The program runs mid-January to mid-December. ​

This certification program is based on the principle that it’s possible to deeply heal yourself and up-level your impact on your community, sharing your deepest heart’s passion. You will learn all the basics of Ayurveda, as well as the coaching principles needed to be an effective transmitter of Ayurveda.

How can you teach others to thrive if you yourself are struggling physically, emotionally or financially?

This course offers the time-tested support systems for your physical, spiritual and mental body. If you want to live a life of less stress, more simplicity, and potentially experience the true fulfillment of helping others do the same, this program is for you.

Ayurveda School FAQs

Free Coaching Call

If you’re interested in Ayurveda School but not sure if it’s right for you, or you just have questions, schedule a call with one of our Shakti Graduates and let’s figure it out together


Our Virtual Classroom Includes

  • Weekly 3-hour lectures with Katie or our teachers – Ayurveda Wednesdays!
  • Twice monthly “Office Hours” live teleconference with a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist
  • Daily access to our classroom – take the classes live/when released, or take them anytime at your convenience. 90% of classes take place via live stream, 10% are pre-recorded.
  • Exclusive Community Forum for your class so you can connect with classmates
  • A beautiful high resolution PDF of our training manual you can print at home, or choose to have printed and sent to you for $50
  • Discounts on Ayurveda products for you and your clients


Early Bird Pay in Full


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Upon Completion of the Program

Scope of Practice – Level 1

A graduate who has obtained this certificate may use the information provided in this course for personal development and/or to guide individuals and groups through educational seminars on the principles and practices of the Ayurvedic way of life and self-healing. The scope of practice emphasizes education on prevention of imbalances and the promotion of wellness on all levels of being, using the life-enhancing modalities and philosophy of Ayurveda, Tantra and Feminine Form Medicine. Approaches include nutrition, lifestyle, meditation, psychospiritual approaches, health promoting herbal education, and goal-setting (sankalpa/dharma work).

This certificate allows for designing preventive health routines for oneself, and various community audiences, according to Ayurvedic principles. Assessment tools are used and enabled for the determination of Prakriti, an individual’s body/mind constitution.

  • Meet with people one-on-one in the capacity of Wellness/Lifestyle​ Coach (with proof of proper insurance)
  • Lead Ayurveda workshops in your yoga studio and community centers​
  • Provide education around nutrition, daily routine, seasonal cleansing and rejuvenation, digestive health, meditation, and women’s womb wellness
  • Add Ayurvedic wisdom to your current yoga classes, bodywork practice or other healing modalities
  • Be a part of a supportive community of colleagues
  • Ownership of the beautiful Level 1 manual and “starter-kit” forms + handouts for easily creating a coaching business
  • Be an official Shakti Ayurveda School Wellness Coach, including use of brand and logo + membership in an exclusive club of published practitioners after completion of Level 2

Move on to Level 2

The Scope of Practice Increases


If you’re interested in Ayurveda School but not sure if it’s right for you, or you just have questions, schedule a call with one of our Shakti Graduates and let’s figure it out together


Receive A Special Sneak Peek & Updates

If interested in the Ayurveda training, our free 4-hour course on Women’s Wisdom & Ayurveda is a great place to start:

2025 Ayurveda School Sacred Service Scholarship Applications Open Now! Click Here to Apply

We Give Back

Since 2019, Shakti School has awarded over 150 scholarships to women who want to study spiritual Ayurveda!

We are now honored to announce that in addition to our regular scholarship program, Shakti School is collaborating with one of the world’s foremost organizations for supporting women in education and gender equality – She’s the First. It is our hope to advance the cause of educating girls in South Asia specifically, given our love for ancient Indian medicine and our longing to give back to a culture whose rich history has given so much to humanity.

Now, when you invest in your health and your future through signing up for our Ayurveda programs, you’re also helping create meaningful change in the world for other women.

She’s the First teams up with grassroots, women-led organizations worldwide to make sure girls are educated, respected, and heard. Like Shakti School, She’s the First believes in a world where every girl has access to education and can choose her own future. She’s the First fights gender inequality through education by supporting the following local organizations: Shanti Bhavan in India and Blink Now in Nepal.


Participating Recognition Entities:

Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America. Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credit

Terms and Conditions:

The Student agrees that all deposits, which are 20% of the total Course Fees, shall be paid at the time of registration and are non-refundable regardless of whether payment is to be made in full or by installment plan. If Student notifies the School on or before January 31, 2025, that Student would like to withdraw from the Course: (i) the withdrawing Student will receive a refund of Fees paid minus the non-refundable deposit, and (ii) if the withdrawing Student is paying by installment plan, the requested withdrawal will not be processed or effective until Student’s installment payments equal or exceed the total deposit amount.  After January 31, 2025: (i) the Student may not withdraw from the Course, (ii) the entire Course Fee amount shall be due and owing, and (iii) no refund shall be given, with the sole exception being a case of medical emergency verified in writing by Student’s treating physician. Student acknowledges that any fees not paid by the stated deadlines are subject to collection by a third party agent of School. The Shakti School does not discriminate based on race, gender identity or biological sex. Our program centers 100% on women’s health, but is open to anyone who wants to respectfully learn how to care for women. Please review the Ayurveda School Terms of Service in its entirety here.