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Where Every Aspect of You is Holy

You asked, we listened! Our new subscriber model will include a monthly LIVE workshop
with Katie Silcox focused on cultivating a deeper relationship to your spiritual life.
This event will include lecture, practice, contemplation and Q + A with her live.

What else? How about subscriber-only access to Katie’s long-form versions of her beloved podcast.

Need more?

Not only do you get a monthly workshop with Katie, your subscription will also give you immediate access to the entire Shakti School compendium of audio and video content.

Get access to over 100 practices including:

  • Movement classes with Katie (and her special guest teachers) that are both activating and deeply soothing for the nervous system – Spiritual tools to keep you healthy, happy and sexy.
  • Audio and video meditations designed to bring you out of fight, flight and freeze and into safety and pleasure.
  • Lectures with Katie on special topics.
  • Special guest appearances in both video, audio AND in Katie’s monthly workshops.

Our quarterly addition of LOVEFIT magazine, the most beautiful, Ayurveda-inspired content with special guests and the hippest new eco-love products on the planet.

Spirit Sessions is the culmination of 20 years of research, leadership and practice in yoga, meditation, spirituality, archetypal psychology, nervous-system based healing, attachment theory, Ayurveda (and more).

This offering is for ANYONE in search of expansion, clarity, and a deep connection with the Divine. With me as your guide, you’ll learn how to start a spiritual practice, or connect more deeply to the God of your own understanding through the practice you already have.

If you are ready to dive deep into your spiritual life and true healing, this is the time to join.


Step into your spiritual sovereignty. Where every part of you is holy.

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This Issue Includes:

  • What is Wholeness? How to Reset After Trauma & Stay Inspired
  • Reset Menu Guide
  • Water Fasting as Part of Spiritual Renewal
  • The Yoga of Money: 7 Strategies to Unblock Your Money Energy
  • June Vedic Astrology
  • Our Media Picks This Month
  • 4-Week Roadmap for Integration

What Is Body Yantra?

Body Yantra is a mind/body practice focused on the innate circular and spiral patterns of the body’s natural flow of life force. These practices were designed to respect the innate intelligence and intuition of a woman’s body, and are based on feminine form flows or “birther/dancer” expressions and experiences. The movements and meditations aren’t strict, codified, alignment-based or forced, but are reflective of an ancient lineage and knowing that flows through the bones of women.

“So grateful for LOVEFIT. The practices are pure bliss.”

Jen Osario
Nottingham, UK

Instantly felt the ignition of a spark deep down inside me. Since then I am almost living by the content, I find myself in tears or an intense passion. Each word Katie utters finds its rightful place within my sensitive existence.”

Istanbul, Turkey

“Spirit sessions is like Shakti School but with a smooth pace once a month where you get to have enough time to integrate everything, that’s exactly why I love it so much I want a lifetime registration haha! that’s something I’m sure of already. I mean it! It’s soo comforting to have Katie and all the other girls around, to know once a month – even if you can’t make it live, there is still gonna be some kind of check in with yourself and with the others. It’s my kinda therapy.”

Berlin, Germany

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$308/ year

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