What Our Students Are Saying

“When I first started this training I felt like I was in a really good place in my life and now feel more humble, powerful, juicy, loving and resilient than I thought I ever would.”

Malia Wright

Ayurvedic Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles, CA

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“Katie’s approach to Ayurvedic medicine (and healing in general) feels radical and revolutionary, yet simultaneously known and familiar, like coming home to an old and powerful friend.”

Seren Rubens

Nevada City, California

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“Joining Ayurveda School is the absolute best decision for any woman wanting to light her spirit on fire and get healthy at the same time.”

Mary McQuate

Chef and Content Creator, Richmond, Virginia

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After Ayurveda School, certain practices have become second nature to me, like tongue scraping in the morning, or drinking warm lemon water.

Babette Weel-Engelgeer

Outdoor Stress and Burn-out Coach at Walk ‘n Act, Netherlands

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Con sólo tomar el primer nivel eres capaz de hacerte cargo de ti y de acompañar a tu familia y comunidad a tomar mejores decisiones para lo que quieren lograr en sus vidas. Shakti te muestra todas las caras posibles para poder dirigirte al balance de tu Ser. Lo recomiendo ampliamente, hay muchísima información valiosa, docentes de primer nivel y el programa en verdad tiene la herramientas necesarias para llevarte a tomar las riendas de tu vida y comenzar a caminar hacia un lugar más completo, amoroso y saludable.

Elizabeth Shunashi

Transpersonal Therapist, Mexico City, Mexico

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“I think what I like the most in this training is the sense of sorority that we has developed: I feel part of a tribe of passionate women, from all ages and horizons, searching, learning, sharing and supporting each other.”

Valerie Noto

Telecom executive, yoga teacher, writer & avid student, La Jolla, CA

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“I was especially happy to find a training where I had the freedom to be a part of the classes from my home, on my own time. It really fits my life and I can’t wait to get home every Wednesday night for Ayurveda lecture!”

Liz Reynolds

Movement Educator, Charlottesville, Virginia

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“Shakti School opened a window to my Spirit, mind, and body. A way to reprocess old patterns of living, thinking, praying, feeling, and eating.”

Stacey Nichols

Teacher, Clear Lake, Iowa

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“It’s been so much more than I could have expected. I wanted to learn about the ancient practices, but have been fulfilled feeling part of a global community of women, connected by Dharma and lineage.”

Jen Tucker

Artist & Entrepreneur, Seattle, WA

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“After going through Ayurveda school I cannot believe how much more in-touch I am with my feminine side.”

Andrea Claassen

Personal Trainer & Ayurvedic Coach, Saint Paul, MN

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“Being a mum of three life can be very busy and stressful. I have learnt how to love and care for myself and be more in balance so that I am less stressed and calm and our life has definitely benefited.”

Emily Lindley
Full time mum, Menston, Ilkley, UK

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“I found the answers to most of the health questions I’ve had over the past years that have went unanswered by traditional allopathic doctors, which has resulted in me feeling better than ever.”

Courtney Krishnamurthy

Owner, Om Fairy, San Jose, CA

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“This program has allowed me to heal myself and soar in my life. It is certainly the best investment in myself that I have ever made!”

Kimberly Brewster (Pugh)

ERYT, Ayurveda Health Counselor, Owner Downeydog Yoga, Radford, VA

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Shakti School completely changed my life. I see things differently, I feel different, I want completely different things. A combination of the Ayurveda program and the yoga trainings completely transformed me.

Gabrielle Merandi

Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Asheville, NC

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Shakti School’s Ayurveda program has been nothing shy of life changing for me. Before I started this course I was searching for a deeper and more meaningful aspect of yoga, self care, and life in general. This course has provided all of that and more.

Jeanette Jordan

Myofascial Release Therapist, McMinnville, TN USA

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This program has been life changing in so many unbelievable ways. I recommend it to each and every person that I talk to. It may seem like an investment at the beginning, but it is an investment that helps you tap into parts of your being you didn’t even know yet. Most of all, this course has taught me how to love myself and meet God in whole new way.

Ashley Bastin

Entrepreneur, Mother of 1, and Behavioral Therapist, United States

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I’m more connected to my body, more present with Her. I deepened my connection to the divine and to my Feminine energy, which improved all relationships around me. I also feel more energized and ‘clearer’ in my body, mind and spirit. this course also confirmed that my path it coaching other women and doing it in the most holistic and feminine way.

Charlotte Cecchi

Ayurvedic therapist and Holistic Coach, Italy

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I enjoyed the Nutrition section the most! It aligned so much with my interests and professional work, and gave me an incredible sense of the deep-soul food (knowledge) I was missing. Without a single doubt – this is the course I would recommend to all of my friends. Thank you for a beautiful experience!

Chloe Rambo

Yoga Teacher, Digital Marketing Specialist, Idaho

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I loved the feminine approach to everything that we learned. In the past, I had studied Ayurveda and felt very boxed in by the rules. Through the Shakti School, I have learned to listen deeply to what my body needs while applying the healing principles of Ayurveda and feminine form medicine.

Christine Finke

Doula, Amsterdam

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Discovering yoga many years ago helped me to connect all the puzzle pieces of my life. Ayurveda Shakti-School-style deepened and solidified everything I already knew spiritually, and the practical routines I learned have been invaluable. I feel I know myself, the way my body works and what it needs much better.

Christine Griggs

Author, Yoga Trainer, Translator, France & USA

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I absolutely recommend this course! This course provides so much wisdom as well as space to dive into practices and integrate each aspect into your life in a way that feels right uniquely for you and your body. I am so much more aware of how i through myself out of balance and into stress.

Delphi-Blue Haylock

Yoga & Dance Teacher and Healer Woman, United Kingdom

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Thank you from the bottom of my whole body for creating this programme, it absolutely changed my life in a completely unexpected way! I had no idea what was gonna happen, I just knew from the beginning it’s going to be so much fun and it’s going to be great! And so it was, and on top of that I got to create my own business and share my passion!

Diana Damian

Peristeam Practitioner and student of life, Berlin, Germany

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This program has deepened my knowledge and connection to myself, my body, and nature in powerful ways. It has changed my life (personal and professional) forever. I have made friends who I know will be life long. I think that if everyone went through this training and expanded their world view through Ayurvedic knowledge, and specifically the feminine form taught in the Shakti School the world would be a much more joy-filled and peaceful place.

Eva Peterson

Ayurvedic Life Coach, Nomad

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Women in general whole heartedly will benefit from this even if its just for personal insight, although I feel like the more you get into it through out the year you just eventually want to share it or do something with it to spread that knowledge and share with other women.

Jessica Bloomfield

Student of Life, United States

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To anyone considering joining this program here is your YES sign! Embarking on this journey to connect with Ayurveda and the ancient lineage not only helps you heal, but it also helps the earth heal. When respected, honored, and implemented correctly you have the power to unveil all blockages and message them out of your physical and emotional body. Not only will you become more comfortable, confident, and in love with the unique nature of YOU, but you will be able to help others do the same.

Katie Kimball

Ayurvedic Councilor / Elemental Alchemist, United States

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I appreciate Katie’s take on Ayurveda. I think incorporating our own personal lineage and life experiences into our Ayurvedic journey brings a whole new, fully embodied approach to this ancient wisdom of life-care.

Kristen Golden

Doula, Virginia, United States

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This program should be part of curriculum in all public schools as it isn’t just about Ayurveda, but a way back to oneself and unity of body, mind and soul. I’m more tuned into my physical and emotional body. I often ask for the guidance and learn to listen. I feel more in balance and better equipped for tools to pick myself up. I am forever grateful for being immersed in this soul warming experience with all the women, both teachers and students.

Ieva Luse

Mama of 2& Earth lover, Copenhagen, Denmark

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I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is slightly interested. She will not be disappointment. It was better than I could have imagined – and I’m often overly optimistic 🙂 The teachings are exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear them. The curriculum truly promotes health in all areas.

Lisa Marie Rankin

Author, Teacher, Ayurveda Wellness Coach, Massachusetts

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my whole life has changed for the better. This program allowed to first deepen and understand how to simply identify the different emotions, and states of health or imbalance in my personal life. and then it gave me the real tools to help with what i had identified. that teachers where so inspiring and clear and gave me what to aspire to as a the practitioner i hope to become. loyal to the tradition, but modern and kind in the approach.

Natania Frydman

yoga teacher, artist, France

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The teachings are vital for women in our society at this moment in time! It’s like all the stuff we should have learned growing up. It is so important to learn how to process our feelings, thoughts, and emotions, and have a true connection to ourselves and the divine creative force! Katie and her expert team of healers, leaders, and teachers are top notch and translate the information and pass it along in such a way to keep you ignited and sparked and take your own healing in your own hands!

Rian Gufarotti

Self Care & Self Love Wellness Guide, United States

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I would absolutely recommend this training. I truly wish this was an offering to all women, all girls as part of our upbringing and in schools. This is such a unique training. I feel really really blessed to have found Shakti School.

Sara Holt

Owner of A Naked Goddess and Health Coach at Sara Holt Health

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Even if I wasn’t planning on using this in my career (which I am), I would’ve still been so eternally grateful for the information I learned. I truly feel like I leveled up in life in such a huge way. I am not only able to be there for myself in a deeper way, but my community and family as well. It is stabilizing and enriching.

Sarah Petals

Fermentation Director and Homesteader, Georgia, USA

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I would and have highly recommended this training program to so many women who are looking to better themselves and to better the world. It’s amazing what we can do when we are self empowered through knowledge and experience. All things are possible. My faith has exponentially increased since the start of this course. I have always heard all things are possible, but now I truly now and believe it in my bones. This is the foundation for my dreams. I also have much more vitality, self awareness, and passion for life and sharing life/love.

Terra Harris

Yoga Instructor and Wellness Enthusiast, Tennessee

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