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As you know, I have been working over the past twenty years to create an online academy for women to heal. I did this because I believe women deserve a home that offers them the best tools for discovering their truest self. And the means to live deeply from that truth.

Isn’t that all that we ever really want?

You see, the more I do this beautiful practice of discovering my Inner Divinity, the more I am aware that inside of me exists two things:

1. Wild parts that are both chaotic and holy – reverential, messy, evolving, broken and beautiful.

2. Something that never changes – something that simply “is.”

And so, one day, the Divine dropped an idea into my heart – “Make a movie with your friend D.J.,” it said. “Make it touch on what it feels like to be a woman, and dedicate it to all the women out there who have ever known the pain and beauty of just trying to be themselves in this crazy-ass world.”

So, today with much joy, I am sharing with you a small film entitled, She Is, that I co-created and produced with the amazing filmmaker and photographer, D.J. Pierce.

We couldn’t have made this without our incredible team.

Thank you to the production maven extraordinaire, Sarah Waldron, who worked her you-know-what off, nonstop, to make this a reality. To our film and editing crew – Eric Stumpf, Marcus Goldbas, Paul-Emile Cendron of Nite4Nite Productions. Jasmine Vick on hair and makeup. Ludwig Kuttner for providing the beautiful Estouteville location. Mary Bruce for the voiceover work. And our tireless models Sampson Dale, Freddie Simpson, Beatrix Ost, Amaury Roseline, Allie Redshaw, Crystal Day, Yolanda Cole-Jones, Anya Fleshler, Takisha August and Kiran Chapman. And Desert Dwellers for the music track.

I hope this video touches you and inspires you to be more fully YOU.

Feel free to pass this video along to the woman in your life that might need to be reminded that she is allowed to be all things – from the queenly to the broken. Or, tag a woman on Instagram WHO IS!