ENERGY 101 with Cristal Mortensen

It is with great pleasure that The Shakti School brings you master teacher, somatic/nervous system expert and energy wise-woman, Cristal Mortensen. As many of you know, Katie considers Cristal to be her core mentor and it is with both honor and excitement that we have invited her to teach what promises to be a LIFE-CHANGING, SOUL-DIRECTING 8-week course on working with your body's energy to heal, vitalize and awaken to spirit. Moreover, this course will provide the framework for not only working with your own energy, but helping to bring these techniques into your own healing arts practice while working with others. 


Right now, at this very moment, you have everything you need within you.  Nothing is missing and nothing is amiss in you. Everything you need to awaken and discover the potential which is inherent and native to you is right here, in you now, waiting to be uncovered. 

The purpose of this course is to help you realize this and experience it directly for yourself, through developing a relationship with energy.  In this course we will activate what is there, but perhaps dormant or unrecognized in you, allowing it to emerge, be seen for what it truly is and be nourished.  This has the potential to both open you to a deeper, and clearer relationship with yourself as well as open the portal to healing and transformation of your deepest struggles. 

The teachings and practices in this course are designed to highlight this unrecognized potential, allowing you to see and experience yourself more and more clearly over time and nourish your brilliance.  Your struggles (and what you may think of as your darkness) are made of the same material as your brilliance.  In this course, we will support the recognition of this directly and you will learn, without rejecting anything or trying to make yourself into something other than what you already are, to distill the brilliance from the struggles, in order to liberate this natural brilliance and experience it directly.

Energy is life.  Life is energy. Energy is what animates us and our world, underlying all things.  Coming into relationship with energy brings us into contact with life and life force directly, opening us to our potential.


8-week course every Sunday beginning August 20th through October 8th

Time: 3-5pm Eastern US Time

Investment: $468 for pay-in-full tuition

6 month payment plan of $98 per month

Hosted live on Zoom with access to recordings available for one year

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In this 8-week experience with master teacher, Cristal Mortensen you will:

  • Enter into direct experience with your own energy through embodied techniques and meditations.
  • Learn to perceive, receive and transmit energy in ways that are resonant to you.
  • Learn what blocks your ability to perceive the energy that is in you and everything around you
  • Experience powerful techniques that allow the blocks on your perception to dissolve.
  • Cultivate your ability to perceive energy directly, work with it for your highest potential and work in the world.
  • Learn your own unique “energy language” and how it speaks directly and uniquely to you.
  • Move from resisting energy to opening to it, turning resistance into an ally rather than a problem to be solved.
  • Leave the course as a collaborative partner with energy, learning with it and from it as it becomes your greatest teacher, ally and mentor. 

Each of the eight 2-hour modules will include lecture and embodied meditative experiences that enable you to learn how to begin to recognize energy, feel it directly as well as perceive it in all things. Instead of learning a foreign or exotic system of energy, you will discover what is already here in you and around you, in a language and form that is unique and personal to you, This course will support you in developing a personal and direct relationship with energy which has the potential to allow you to see the sacred in the mundane and transform what seem like obstacles, distilling them into brilliance, allowing you to see things more and more clearly. Most importantly, you will leave the course with a deeper understanding that where you feel that you are struggling or stuck is actually where the energy is, so working with the resistance becomes a novel way to open to an untapped reservoir of life-force. Lastly, we will learn to build courage , strength, trust and confidence in ourselves as we work with our fear in a gentle and compassionate way at our own individual pace.

Core Course Concepts and Practices:

  • The power of welcoming yourself home
  • Discovering your unique energy language 
  • The role of holding a loving and kind relationship with ourselves
  • The importance of relaxed effort in building increased sensitivity and awareness
  • The importance of space and orientation
  • Grounding, earth energy and the first chakra as foundational 
  • Moving energy 101 
  • Boundaries in the realm of energy 
  • Working wisely with emotion, thought and emotional energy 
  • The role of our courageous and tender heart 
  • Working with spiritual support and guidance
  • Working with image, shapes, symbols and energy 
  • Considering the role of letting go and holding on 
  • Harnessing the power of setting intentions and aspirations for your inner work and work with energy
  • Opening to fear and facing the Dragon 
  • Understanding energy, the brain and the nervous system through the gateway of the 3Rd Eye (6th chakra), one of your most helpful centers, supporting and nurturing its function and ability to communicate directly to you, accessing your intuition and abilities
  • Opening to limitless field of possibility, learning to access it for support, information, perspective and healing for ourselves and others.  
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“It is no exaggeration to say that Cristal has been the single biggest force in my self-healing and my spiritual life. Through learning her intuitive, deeply personal energy methods, I feel that I finally am experiencing the ancient teachings I spent 2 decades studying. The miracle is that the teachings are emerging from my own body, as a deeply personal, deeply tender medicine. Cristal  Mortensen is not only a brilliant intellect, scholar, anatomist, physiologist and somatic trauma expert, she is also a shamanic wise-woman in the truest sense of the term. It is certain that the highest good fortune in my karma has brought her into my life. And I am honored to share her with all of you”

- Katie Silcox, Founder and Lead Teacher of The Shakti School 

About Cristal

Cristal Mortensen is a trauma and nervous system specialist, certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and mystic, in private practice for over 20 years. She helps people heal and clear unresolved trauma, attachment wounds, balance energetic, emotional and mental disequilibriums, find their way back to themselves and discover their wholeness.
Cristal’s ability to deftly weave between the realms of the mind, physical body, subtle body, energy and spirit and bridge ordinary and non ordinary reality, along with her compassionate presence has made her unique work highly sought after. She has studied extensively with masters in the fields of trauma, attachment, somatics, meditation and energy healing, bringing the balance of ancient wisdom and modern science to her work.

She has developed Sacred Attachment work, which builds a new, organizing matrix from which inherent safety, security and an integrated mind and body can develop, creating a new template from which our life can evolve.

Some of her areas of specialty include, attachment and developmental trauma, anxiety, complex PTSD, spiritual emergency and emergencies of consciousness, dissociation, suicidality, addiction, healing from abuse, narcissistic and borderline abuse, spiritual trauma and abuse, shame, grief, depression and betrayal.

She works with clients in her busy private practice at home in Hawaii and all over the world through video sessions. She spends her free time surfing, playing in the ocean and relaxing with her bunny Gracie.