Praise for Glow-Worthy

"In a world that often feels like it’s lost its shine, Katie illuminates the path to finding the glow-worthiness in each of us. She helps us rekindle the light within that allows us to glow with the peace, energy, purpose, and love we crave and deserve. There has never been a more important time for us to learn how to ignite this inner glow so we can live the radiant lives we deserve, and help those around us do the same. Glow-Worthy is a trustworthy guide for modern times, and for the ages."

- Nicole Beurkens, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Bestselling Author of Life Will Get Better 

"In an overwhelming and shaming world, it is all too easy to lose our natural glow. It begins early, and before we know it, we can’t even remember what it was like to feel glowful and alive. In Glow-Worthy, Katie Silcox calls us home to our radiant nature. She reminds us of our inherent luminosity, and gifts us the tools and practices that we need to restore it. This magnificent book is a lighthouse of divine possibility for anyone ready to come back to light. If it doesn’t help you glow, then let it go."

- Jeff Brown, author of Hearticulations and An Uncommon Bond 

"Glow-Worthy is 100% worth your time and energy. In this real life, laying-it-all-out-there approach Katie brings vulnerability to a new level, helping the reader understand that they are not alone in their feelings, that there IS HOPE for growth, and that it's OK to slide backwards. She offers an authentic way to help us all re-define ourselves and our spiritual relationships. I laughed out loud when I read in chapter 2 that while in the ER her doc told her to consider, yep you guessed it: Meditation! Katie is a Rockstar, read her book!"

- Michael J Breus, PhD DABSM, Author of Good Night, The Sleep Doctor's Diet, The Power of When, and Energize

"Glow-worthy is like a warm, sweet cup of tea – it physically feels good to read this book. Katie has brought forward her warmth and humanity combined with thought-provoking ideas, real practices and helpful information to create a refreshing new lens for how we show up in the world."

- Amy Stanton, Author of The Feminine Revolution and Founder/CEO of Stanton & Company

"Glow Worthy is a love song to your soul and a skillful guide to welcoming, reclaiming, and honoring all of yourself.Sourced from the depths of embodied wisdom, a relationship with the sacred and personal truth Katie skillfully weaves rituals, practices, and science to amplify our  access to self-nourishment, presence, and love."

- Tracee Stanley, Author of Radiant Rest and The Luminous Self 

"A powerful reminder of the light within each of us waiting to glow from the inside out. Katie is honest, magical and genuine about the truth within all of us. After reading this book, everything will glow - yourself especially."

- Dr. Keiko Finnegan & Dr. Sera Sheppard, Founders of Kinfolk Optimal Living

"We live in a time obsessed with the mind. We are so busy optimizing, hacking, grinding. We've lost touch with the Soul. The word God has become taboo. Katie, in her sweet, light hearted, down to earth and most authentic way, shines a light where it needs right now to be shined; deep in our hearts where the spirit of God whispers ever so gently. Katie's spiritual journey is one I can relate to. A full circle heroine's quest we all need to hear right now!"

- Micah Mortali, Author of Rewilding: Meditations, Practices and Skills for Awakening in Nature and founder of the Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership 

"Glow-Worthy is the perfect antidote for the times when your inner glow starts to fade, and the clear mirror of your Soul clouds over with doubts. Sharing wisdom born of years of self-inquiry through scientific research, ancient yoga traditions, and deep practice, Katie Silcox offers advice and practical tools to help you reconnect with your Divine essence, realign with your Soul’s purpose, and truly shine your light in the world."

- Linda Sparrowe, Author of The Woman's Book of Yoga and Health: A Lifelong Guide to Wellness

"As a neuroscientist, I am often asked to evaluate books on topics related to the mind-body connection and personal growth. After reading Glow-Worthy by Katie Silcox, I am excited to say that this book is truly exceptional. It seamlessly blends ancient spiritual practices with modern scientific research to offer practical tools for awakening our inner light and cultivating self-love. One of the key messages of this book is that each of us has a unique inner light that, when nurtured, can radiate out into the world and heal those around us. As a scientist, I appreciate how Katie cites studies that demonstrate how our energy and presence can influence those around us. But as a human being, I am moved by her message that we each have the power to make a positive impact in the world simply by sharing our light. Throughout the book, Katie offers a variety of practices for cultivating self-love and nurturing our inner light, including movement, meditation, and gratitude. What I appreciate most about her approach is that it is both accessible and customizable. Whether you are new to spiritual practices or a seasoned practitioner, there is something in this book for you. In short, I highly recommend Glow-Worthy to anyone looking to deepen their connection to themselves and to the world around them. By embracing our own brokenness and celebrating our beauty and sacredness, we can truly transform ourselves and the world we live in. "

- Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D. Founder & Inventor of BrainTap

"This book is an apothecary of rich teachings distilled straight from the stars and Katie’s own deep experiences as a woman, leader, change maker, and passionate voice for secular and nonsecular alike. Thank you, Katie, for writing this beautiful, updated “book of hours” for the modern soul. For those of us willing and ready to do the work, it inspires us to overcome our blocks to the wild perfection of our own inherent nature. Katie’s intellectual prowess and southern belle grace is literary nectar. Not only are we encouraged to remember our stories and integrate our parts, but her words and the practices she has curated lead us directly to what this book promises- feeling the worth and infrangible strength of our gorgeous, timeless spirit."

- Brooke Shannon Sullivan, Founder and Director of The Wild Temple School

"Katie Silcox is one of our most important messengers, with a supportive and healing guide for women that is accessible, deeply resonant and needed more than ever. Glow-Worthy is an owner's manual for the human heart and soul that will give readers the freedom and healthy entitlement to go after the dreams that had previously been elusive or even concealed. It will be a welcome path for so many."

- Michael Fishman, Founder/Leader of Consumer Health Summit

"Glow Worthy is a must-read for anyone seeking to connect with their inner light and embrace their sacred imperfections. Katie Silcox offers a refreshing approach to spirituality that is relatable, inspiring, and empowering. I loved every page of this book and can't wait to share it with my community!"

- Lisa Marie Rankin, author of The Goddess Solution: Practical Wisdom for Everyday Life

"Glow-Worthy guides you to the freedom to be beautifully human through conscious life experience. Using these tools, the full expression of life becomes available to you. With kindness, compassion and love, this book guides you into the freedom to radiate and to be."

- Myra Lewin, Founder of Hale Pule Ayurveda and author of Freedom in Your Relationship with Food

"It is so easy to want to throw in the towel many days, yet Katie reminds us that it is so close, that it is already within us, we just need to give it some energy. Katie is like a best friend and cheerleader showing us the way through ancient teachings, her own personal experience and through clear practices. You are worthy, and when you recognize that, you will glow." 

- Hub Knott, author of Living Nature Connected and Co-founder of The Living Earth School 

"Glow-Worthy reminds each of us that change is inevitable and that our choices determine the direction of that change.  In this book, Katie shares wisdom gleaned from decades of study and growth and presents this in a way that is both relatable and accessible.  Employing the practices in the book -- contemplations, reflections, meditations, and new and different actions taken in daily life will, no doubt, bring the reader to a state of Glow that they hadn’t previously encountered and allow them to shine that light for others."

- Mary Thompson, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Educator, and Consultant

"Heart presence and realness, Katie Silcox has given us a divine goddess roadmap into the deep layers of the self. From the self into the Self; Glow-Worthy is a masterful guide that deftly navigates us from the messy into the magical. It is as holy as it is helpful.”

- Melanie Salvatore-August, Author of Fierce Kindness

"Glow-Worthy reminds us that we are all deserving of a fulfilling life, and that we can all access our inner light and bring it forward into the world.  This book provides practical tools and guidance for readers to reconnect to their sacred nature and find their inner glow.  Katie's approach is grounded in experience and emphasizes the importance of self-love, spiritual connection, and inner growth."

- Dipa Patel, founder of The Living Proof Institute 

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