Welcome, again and again, to the practices that have the potential to nourish and uplift you. Enjoy this month’s content or choose from our library of workshops. This month’s workshop has been crafted by Katie, and our team, to support you in this time, in this season. But we encourage you to explore our archives, as they contain practices that might be perfect for where you are on your journey.


When can I join the private facebook group?

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How do I update my payment method, change/cancel my subscription, or manage other account aspects?

You can do all of that and more under your Account Settings.

1) To cancel your subscription:

Find Subscriptions under My Account: View your Subscription, you’ll have three buttons across the bottom that read Cancel, Change Payment, and Renew. Note that clicking on the Cancel button cancels your subscription right away, there is no confirmation page. If canceling part-way through your month/year, you’ll have access to the member portal through the end of that billing cycle.

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When is new content released?

New content is released on the 1st of each month by Noon eastern US time.

Can I download the content?

You can download the PDF of the magazine. You can only stream the videos and audios. Occasionally, Katie makes certain things downloadable as a gift to you. This will be indicated on the monthly content pages.